About Art and Soul Art Therapy

Art and Soul Art Therapy is a very small private psychotherapy practice on the Connecticut shoreline.  Located at 141 Durham Road, Suite 19, in Madison, we are conveniently accessible at the junction of CT route 79 and interstate 95.  

We are Masters-level creative clinicians who approach life and therapy from different angles.  We blend out-of-the-box thinking with the latest research in treatment techniques.  We aim to provide the best of ourselves to our clients by keeping up on the latest research, collaborating with our clients' care teams across professions, and bringing creative and innovative new ideas to the therapy session. 


In order to keep fresh, energized and passionate about our work, we each keep an intentionally light case load, thus affording us time for research, creative pursuits, and self care.  As such, it is rare that any of our clinicians will see more than 20 clients a week, and those clients receive far more from us than a simple therapy session.

Art and Soul Affiliated Therapists

Briana Benn-Mirandi, LPC, CLAT, ATR-BC, TRD

Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Licensed Art Therapist,  Registered Board-Certified Art Therapist, Therapeutic Recreation Director

Briana approaches life and therapy with a level of "joie de vivre" enjoyed by adults who have never fully "grown up".  As such, she has great success working with children, teens, young adults and creative people of all ages.  Her aim is to move therapy as slowly or as quickly as the client is ready to move, in a comforting, supportive environment.  She is most at home working with clients wrestling with anxiety, depression, anger issues, trauma, ADHD, and creatives who are in a career rut.

Briana received her master's degree in art therapy from Albertus Magnus College in 2008, and before that, her bachelor's degree in psychology from University of Connecticut in 2003.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor through the state of Connecticut, and a Registered Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentialing Board.  She was trained in hypnotherapy by the Scottish Strategic Life Academy, and was trained in Brief Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution by the Center for Authentic Living.

Therapy Styles: Art Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Pet Therapy, Nature Therapy, Play Therapy and Games, Existential Therapy, Mindfulness, Brief Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution, Parts Work (Internal Family Systems), Pokemotions, Online Teletherapy

Valerie Drake, LPC, ATR-BC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Board-Certified, Registered Art Therapist

Compassionate and guided by both professional experience and an empathetic ear, Valerie utilizes a direct style of therapy, blending dry humor and witty commentary with clients as they process life challenges.  She believes that all people are artists, whether they work with paint, fibers or concrete, and she strives to support her clients in mastering their crafts in life, both in and out of the therapy session.  Valerie has expertise with a wide range of client populations, including veterans,  LGBTQ, addiction, PTSD, and dual diagnoses.

Valerie has earned her Master's degree in art therapy from Albertus Magnus College, and prior to that, earned her Bachelor's in psychology from Fordham University.  She completed her internships at the VA where she later continued her career for 14 years before leaving the government environment to develop her work in private practice.

Therapy Styles:  Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Grief Work, Harm Reduction, Military Sexual Trauma, Creative Play Therapy, Online Teletherapy

Tess Hannafin, LPC, ATR-P

Licensed Professional Counselor;  Registered Art Therapist-Pending

 Tess works with a wide variety of populations, both individually and in groups, and believes that we can connect with our emotions on a deeper level while learning new outlets of self-expression.  Art therapy can be used to get through situations where words may not always be enough.  

Tess earned her master's degree in art therapy and counseling from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.  Prior to that, she earned her bachelor's degree with a major in psychology and a minor in art at Alfred University in upstate New York.  


Therapy Styles: Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parts Work (Internal Family Systems), Pokemotions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solution-Oriented Trauma Resolution, Online Teletherapy

Nicole Morra, LPC, ATR-P

Licensed Professional Counselor;  Registered Art Therapist-Pending

Nicole has experience with a wide variety of populations including individuals struggling with addiction and other co-existing mental health disorders, at-risk adolescents, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and veterans. Based off her clinical and own personal experience, Nicole believes that self-expression through creativity and communication can lead any individual on their journey toward healing. Nicole’s compassion and empathy allows individuals to feel comfortable and be vulnerable in a therapeutic space. 


Nicole received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling (MAATC) from Albertus Magnus College in 2018 and prior to that received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 2015 from Sacred Heart University.


Therapy Styles: Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Online Teletherapy

Yvonne Gordon Moser, ATR-P

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor;  Registered Art Therapist-Pending

Artist, Art Therapist, Indie Author and Founder of the Branford Art Center and YMG Wellness LLC, Yvonne Gordon Moser lives in Wallingford with her husband Kelley. She has enjoyed wearing many hats over the years. Art director, curator, teacher and art therapist

Yvonne currently works with clients from home offering individual and group art therapy.  She received her BA in Fine Arts from Connecticut College in 1998 and her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus in 2015.


She is offering free Saturday Group Creative Meditations on ZOOM during the Covid19 pandemic to help others build resilience, reduce stress and connect with others.

Yvonne is a dedicated mental health professional who began offering creative meditations in the mid 90’s for those recovering from substance use disorders (alcoholism and drug addiction). She realized how healing the process  of creating was, and that it helped in other areas also. It seemed to be reducing stress, invoking calm, creating well-being and opening up the space so real progress could be made. That’s why she continues to today, almost 30 years later. This practice and discipline has helped build autonomy, self-confidence, awareness and self-esteem. Using Therapeutic Art techniques and talk therapy with those who experience physical and mental health challenges, Yvonne guides her clients with gentle wisdom. Having much life experience, she wishes to accompany you on your journey, and assist in your growth and healing. Yvonne has worked with clients of all ages and abilities.  

You can learn more about Yvonne at https://www.yvonnegordonmoserart.com/


Therapy Styles: Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Meditation, Mindfulness, Online Teletherapy

Amee Marcantonio, LMFTA

Pre-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Amee believes that everyone is the author and narrator of their own story, and anyone can make the changes they want in their life with a bit of imagination, creativity, and humor. Amee has a passion for working with the LGBTQ+ community and the elderly, and loves to incorporate journaling, Harry Potter, and self-esteem/empowerment work into therapy.

Amee earned her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT.  Prior to that, she earned her bachelor's degree with a major in creative writing and sociology, also from Southern.


Therapy Styles: Creative Arts Therapy, Talk Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Creative Meditation, Mindfulness, Online Teletherapy

Erin Murphy, CLAT-NY, AT-R, CLAT-CT pending, LPCA

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (New York; Connecticut licensure pending), Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

Erin is a NY State Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a Registered Art Therapist, soon to be board-certified under the Art Therapy Credentialing Board. Erin is in the process of obtaining the Connecticut Clinical Art Therapy License and the LPC-A License. Erin received her master’s degree in art therapy and creativity development from Pratt Institute. Erin’s training at Pratt was rooted in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory, primarily attachment and object relations theory. Upon graduating in 2016, Erin has gained experience working in both the psychiatric ED as well as inpatient and outpatient settings, predominantly with individuals who have a history of coexisting mental health disorders and substance use.  


Erin believes art therapy can provide a safe space for individuals to deconstruct and process their past to form meaning and move forward. Erin finds great value and significance in meeting each client where they are.

Therapy Styles: Art Therapy, Talk Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment Trauma, Grief and Bereavement

Angela Wang, MA Psychology, LPCA

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

Angela believes that art-making and creativity can help us rediscover meaning, and purpose in our lives. Aside from its therapeutic benefits, art-making can be cathartic and allows a person to break through rigid thinking processes. She believes that art-making and creativity can help us to discover our authentic selves and express what we mean when we lack the words to do so.  She wants to help people reach their fullest potential by living their lives with meaning, purpose, and peace of mind, or even enthusiasm. 


Angela received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art & Design and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and her Master's in General Psychology from New York University. She is currently completing her LPC with Art and Soul Art Therapy. She has a bunny named Albert and enjoys hiking, gaming, painting, and drawing in her spare time.

Therapy Styles: Creative Arts Therapy, Talk Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment Trauma, Grief and Bereavement


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