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2023- Costumes and Cocktails  Art and Soul, a major sponsor of the Shoreline Arts Alliance fundraising event Costumes and Cocktails, joins SAA Director Eric Dillner to promote the event.

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2022- Ketamine Treatment Experience  In an effort to destigmatize mental illness and emerging treatments, Briana shares her ketamine experience.

2022- Education Committee Public Hearing Testimony  The state of Connecticut is working to bring more mental health workers into schools.  Briana offer's professional testimony and a solution to consider.

2022- Exploring the QB Check  The QB Check is the first of its kind ADHD assessment.  It adds an objective, skills-based test to the subjective exploration of symptomology as observed by patient and/or family members.  Here, we explore the test first-hand.  Will it pick up Briana's diagnosis of ADHD?

2021- Therapist in Your Pocket?  The Surge in Mental Health Apps   A discussion with Lucy Nalpathanchil from NPR's Where We Live about the pros and cons of mental health apps.  Click the logo below to go to the radio episode page.


2021- Shoreline Arts Alliance Panel with Joe Courtney, A discussion with Congressman Joe Courtney on the state of Connecticuts arts (and healthcare) sectors.

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2020- Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Wellness Fair  Briana's presentation "Art Therapy: What It Is, What It's Not, and Why It Works"  Watch from 7:05 to 35:00.


2019- Parenting Beyond the Headlines Podcast, Talking about kids with phobias with Amy Alamar and Sarah Cody.


2019- WTNH News Segment, Get a peek at Pokemotions, hypnotherapy and doll-making in demo sessions in the office.


2019- Interview for, a great website for first-hand descriptions of what jobs are really like.  You can also take their free assessment to see what sort of career would be the perfect fit for your interests!


2019- Testimony for art therapist licensure in state of Connecticut at open hearing with the Department of Health.

2019- Watered Grass Podcast Interview In her podcast, school psychologist Diana Fuller interviews a wide variety of wellness professionals on the importance of self-care and different styles of holistic therapy.


2017- Watercolor Quick Paint...  Sick at home and going a bit stir-crazy, Briana paints what will later become a banner image for Art and Soul Art Therapy.  Please disregard the bit at the end... these are projects that have yet to come to fruition due to a very full schedule!

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