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Art and Soul Care Circle

Art and Soul Care Circle is currently in beta testing.  Please join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear when this therapeutic experience is ready to launch!

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While you wait, here are some sneak peeks!

It's Time to Take Time For YOU

Again and again we are seeing it-  a growing to-do list, increasing pressures in home and work, and an urgency to get it all done by a real or imagined deadline.  The daily stress leads to decreased satisfaction in life, physical illness, and in extreme cases, hospitalization and burnout.  

We all know the cure for this- "a real and lasting lifestyle change", but many of us just don't know if that's possible or where to start.  Let's start here and NOW.

How This Therapeutic Course Is Designed
This course is designed to be an easily assimilated fit into your already busy lifestyle.  With weekly video lessons broken down into manageable 15-20 minute sections, this course is

  • part soul-care
    with tips, techniques and guidance to physically relax your body and get in the right frame of mind

  • part art lesson
    with easy video tutorials to guide you in the art creation and spark those creative juices

  • part interactive group therapy
    with a closed Facebook group where participants can share their creations and stories, and support each other with an ongoing dialogue and (optional) live video therapy sessions


The Skills and Benefits This Therapeutic Course Offers:

  • Practical everyday techniques to keep calm and manage stress, as well as tips and tricks to get you to start implementing these techniques TODAY

  • Step-by-step art instruction in a variety of mediums (ie drawing, watercolors, markers, mixed media- aka scrapbooking)

  • Original illustrations for you to download, color and add to your journal (if drawing is just NOT your thing)

  • Ongoing dialogue with other participants to tackle life's challenges and share artwork via closed social media groups

What Others Are Saying

"I just viewed the drawing and the inking videos and they are fantastic!  For someone like myself, who has told herself, "I can't draw!", the lesson gives a meaningful, simple, and highly instructional first project.  I love the sketch feature, and how clearly you explain things.  I think you have a winner here!"
Debbie S.; Union, Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not artistic.  Is this course for me?
You don't need to be artistic to do this course,but to enjoy it, you should enjoy being creative, such as making crafts, coloring, etc.

Q: What kind of commitment does this therapeutic course require?
That's entirely up to your schedule and how much time you can give to yourself. There are no expectations pre-set for participation, but of course you get out of it what you put into it.  Be kind to yourself!

Q: I like to create my own artwork.  Do I have to follow your instructions?
Absolutely not!  Again, this is for YOU.  If you like to just watch the videos, if you want to just color the illustrations, or if you want to do more and improve your artistic ability, what you take from the course is up to you.

Briana Benn-Mirandi
Art Therapist

About the Instructor

Briana Benn-Mirandi is the owner of Art and Soul Art Therapy (, which offers art instruction, therapeutic courses, and art therapy, both in person and in secure online video chats.  She has her Masters Degree in Art Therapy, and is currently working towards her AT-R (Registered Art Therapist), as well as her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).

Briana's artistic skills lie in illustration, painting, digital design, sculpting and modeling, mixed media, collage, and many, many crafting skills.

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